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Admin Rules

Posted on: March 20, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Here are some rules for Our NEW and OLD Admins!

  1. Please use correct grammar
  2. No tampering with the graphics without permission
  3. ALWAYS Try and get people too come to the site so we can have more people view our AWESOME Posts,Pages,and Contests! PS: Then we will have even more people at our parties!
  4. No Cuss, Or ads unless it is your first post since doomgoats hacked.
  5. Please post at least once a day. (ALREADY THIS RULE HAS BEEN BROKEN! 1 MORE CHANCE!)

Now Here are your ranks!


Welcoming Emilylondon Director of posting and HEAD Admin! You were brave and the best poster we had! You downloaded the post files when nobody else could! I think you deserve it!

Greeno Head Admin and C.E.O.

Minybuddie Graphics Design and Head Admin

Bruce Head Admin

Mrslide Head of Games.Pages,and Contests

Cca Head of Posting

Yarury Co-Admin of Posting

Bubbles Poster

Mateobeccar Poster and Penguin Drawer

Penguingrl Poster

Hyder95 Poster

I Hope you get to know all of our new and old admins!



11 Responses to "Admin Rules"

Thanks for the rank! Here’s my idea: You know on Mimo’s site how they have CPG Mods well how about we have CPC Mods? I guess I never told you but my name isn’t all caps it’s just plain Cca. I’m gonna be taking a vacation.



Wowzer! Quite a few new admins! Good luck to you all!

Sweet! The more the better!

Yay! I am an author again! 😀

Thank you soo much!
I’m honored! 😀
Wow! :D:D:D
Thanks again!

Hey greeno!I am a friend of mateobeccar could i just be a Author?Or admin.

Why is it that not every author is posting someting?

Okay greeno i havent been posting because this month my granddad has been very very ill so i have been spending alot of time with him because he might die this month so i spent a lot of time with him please re add me thx
Emilylondon: Oh that stinks! I know how you feel, it causes A LOT of anxiety! Hopes he gets better soon!

it wont let me post

Hmmmmmmmmm thats weird.

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