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Posted on: March 19, 2009

I need at least 2 ppl watching the site and the chat! I will be on from 8:00 till 9:00 CST  then i will be on later in the afternoon!


Sorry I removed you Minybuddie. It seems like they might hack through your account the most. If you don’t think so comment and I ll add you back. Until then this is a one manned website. I didn’t remove you guys BTW but i think it is safer. I am changing my pass to 100 chars and telling wordpress BIG TIME!

14 Responses to "WTC"

PS: Dum Goats and Iamadummy I would watch what your doing. I alerted and and I will have my site covered in helpers and I wil be watching the whos amung us and watching your state and looking so i have enough info on you too tell minybuddie and he will don whatever it is minybuddies do!

it seems so dead here for some reason….

Alright, let’s just hope this ends soon

cool site do you like my site

IM SORRY! But I didn’t do anything! I checked my account and it seems fine. Please re add me!

Okay Whatever. I hope it ends soon. My account is safe but you dont have to add me back. emilylondon!

I’m not an author? Come on! Nobody barely knows me so I am safe. I am a new author.

please re-add me 😦

All my posts got deleted? This isn’t fair!

I’ll help! And…theres something else you should know about the Doom Goats….its really bad….I will absoulutely help! 😀 But the thing you should know is scary. I’ll be at your chat!

What’s going on?!

Bubbles everyone got deleted even Minybuddie got deleted…

Greeno will add everyone back when this is all over too! I think…

ok. thanks for keeping me in the loop Cca.

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