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Author Contest!

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Have you ever Dreamed Of Being an Author? Being able too post and work with me? Well now is your chance! I am Having an Author Contest!

(NO CURRENT AUTHORS!) lol. Here is What You Have too Do!

Draw a Picture of Greeno or The CPBN Logo

1st Author with 100 Penguin Island Coins!

2nd Author with 75 Penguin Island Coins

3rd ContributorΒ  with 25 Penguin Island coins!

Good Luck!



31 Responses to "Author Contest!"

I wanna join but I don’t wanna be an Author again. I like being an Admin!

Three cheers for Admins!!! πŸ˜€

I want to be an author so bad! Here is the picture. the link has a doodle page. I drew you.

Man I guess it didn’t work 😦 How do you get a picture to you?

could i email u a .GIF and YES! :d

I’m throwing a St. Patrick’s Day Bash on Club Penguin! Want to participate? If so you are donating 25 cents to a kid. More information at! Hope to see you there!

~ |Globalsavior|

I can see that you have ‘Started To Type Like This’ again. Remember to only capital beginning of sentences, names, or places. Also, when you need to give the prizes out, ask me to add the winners coins!

I have to draw it or can I make it?!

I got it this time That is my website. Down there on the home page I have my picture of you. Enjoy πŸ˜€

I think I got it this time That is my website. On the bottom of the home page I have my picture of you. Enjoy!! πŸ˜€

I think i got it this time. Enjoy.

I got it this time That is my website. Down there on the home page I have my picture of you. Enjoy :D!

Go to my website and you will find it.

Go to my website. It is on the home page.

I finally drew a picture for you πŸ˜€ click my name

I want to be an author so bad!


sorry my computer is duplicating links.

I have a worse prob DQ was hacked and my widgets were removed 😦

poor you and Dq. If I was an author I would put a lot of posts for cheats and other events for clubpenguin. If you need an example go to my website and read the clubpenguin chat blog. I hope your widgets come back. lol

Ehh… since when did you get the idea I was banned? XD

~ |Globalsavior|

Sweet to bad your site was hacked.I can make cool widgets tough!

I drew ur penguin twice! Doesnt that count for anything πŸ˜†

hey greeno i went 2 da chat i wuz on last night and it said i wuz a member, that it was a sucribers olny chat, and at the bottom it said that the chat is DELETED. idk if you did this or a hacker did this.sorry if you did this, but just wanted to fyi you.


Greeno: I did it so they couldnt do it 😦

Bubbles you need too have a account.

what? What’s wrong with my account?

I am an author πŸ˜€

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