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no one showed up for the party. I only saw bubbles! 😦 Why?

Also, you might not have seen my igloo open because it was at the very bottom at the list.


Thats to bad!

Thank you bubbles for coming altough you didn’t see my igloo.

Are my parties that bad?


Edit: I fell like I’m boring!


4 Responses to ":("

You should have the party again! I completely forgot about it!

you saw me? ok. I came early I guess because your igloo wasn’t on the map at first. You’re not boring,just people either didn’t want to make it or they couldn’t make it. Don’t put yourself down. Maybe greeno or Minybuddie should of came. PS: when are you going to have the movie recordings again? I am sorry I missed it.

I had to go to church im srry

Your not boring and your parties aren’t that bad. I think alot of people were still at church. Is your name on CP the same as it is on here? Because I didn’t see your name on the map.

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