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Video Emmy Awards Are Back!

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Im very happy to announce that the Video Emmy Awards are back on! However when the video is made it WILL NOT be posted on MinybuddieCP’s channel. It will be posted on the ClubPenuginEmmies channel. The awards have changed quite a bit. Visit the Emmy Awards page for updates about that. We will be excepting completely new entries. So go to the Awards page at Minybuddie Productions and figure out what you need to do.

Rules are simple but strict.

  1. No bad words in videos
  2. Does not have to be CP related. You can actually win the Emmies by making a video of yourself!
  3. Have Fun!

You MUST submit videos through YouTube. The Emmy Awards account link is on the Emmy Awards page (At Minybuddie Productions), so are the guide lines.


Date: Tuesday March 10th/09

Time: 4:00 PM Penguin Time

Server: Southern Lights

Where: Minybuddie’s Igloo

The Stage And Set:

Here is a picture of the Set:


There are 52 seats. DO NOT just fill up the front row. 1 penguin per seat. NO FIGHTING over seats. Please spread yourselfs out, there is lots of room to sit! You don’t all have to sit in a clump.

DO NOT THROW SNOWBALLS! This is not a war there is no point to be doing that.

Punishments WILL be harsh.

Until Next Time… Get Those Videos In!



5 Responses to "Video Emmy Awards Are Back!"

Kool! I´ll submit a vid I wont show up at the party thing. It´s in the middle of the night for me!

Ill submit too through cp cinema.
But i wont be there as well, its middle of the night.

ill be there just to watch!

me too. I don’t how to make a video. But I will watch

same i will too sorry for commenting so late just became a author today thanks to greeno!

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