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Club Penguin: 60 Seconds To Live (Or Die) Preview

Posted on: March 3, 2009

Hello Penguins!

I am proud to announce my latest (and possibly greatest) Club Penguin Movie yet! It is called Club Penguin: 60 Seconds To Live.

I am sorry but as of NOW, (this may change) I am not picking any actors. What I AM picking is who can do the artwork. Greeno said that he could on the P.I. chat, but just in case he can’t, I am having a contest for who can draw the best movie artwork. Here is how YOU can enter:

Draw a picture (preferably drawn by MS Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, etc) of two penguins looking around a corner with machine guns. NOTE: YOUR ARTWORK SUBMITTED IN THIS CONTEST MAY NOT BE PUT INTO 60 SECONDS, THIS IS JUST A TEST/CONTEST. I just need to see who can draw the best. You will need to meet the following criteria:

1. Able to draw Penguins in action, (running, falling, etc)

2. Able to finish drawings within 1 week (2 WEEKS AT MOST!!)

3. Able to post pictures on picture sharing sites, such as Flickr, or Photobucket. 

4. NON PREFERRED: E-Mail them to me.

5. Able to work in a timely manner. This means don’t be lazy, work hard and do your best. Your work will be appreciated and well awarded. Your name will also be featured on the Blaze Productionz YouTube Channel, and in all of the 60 Seconds credits.

Anyways, the movie is about:

Three penguins (Greeno, Bruce, Noopyloopy) find a mysterious cube-like piece of technology deep in the forest, soon to discover that the object they found was actually a ticking-timebomb of negative space-age energy. The three curious penguins unknowingly that their lives would soon be at stake, bring the cube home. After long hours of sleep, the cube suddenly explodes, injecting crystals of what they later find out is an alien substance known as Phazon into their bloodstream. They wake to find that they have been transformed into literally superbionic beings.

That is all I am going to tell you, as I do not want to spoil it!

Greeno, I would really prefer to have more views when this movie releases. Please forward/post this on Penguin Island if you can. That would be excellent.

If you have any other questions, please contact me @:

Or message me on my YouTube channel, linked below.



5 Responses to "Club Penguin: 60 Seconds To Live (Or Die) Preview"


Hey Greeno! How did you get the party month music to pop up in another window?

Im sorry to say, but that trailer sucked. The titles were so cool! But there wasn’t any video footage! A picture of the map doesn’t cut it. You NEED to have some video in there.
Bruce’s Reply: I know! The reason I didn’t use footage it because I don’t have any yet. Like I said, I’m still looking for someone to create the artwork.

That’s a good trailer there are a couple things you should have done. I’ll list a few:
•Had some video footage
• Said coming Spring 2009 instead of coming spring OF 2009
• Used the mission impossible music
• Made it longer
Yeah, but other than that it was really good.

Also for the pipctures, would facebook work or does it not cut it?
I’ll check after school if it works….

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