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The adventures of Emilylondon

Posted on: March 2, 2009

Hi guys,
I am making a movie called the adventures of Emilylondon. I need some help!
I need a couple staff members:
Grocery Shop Worker: Bubbles
Maid: No one
Puffle caretaker: Cca
Evil Scientist: Mateobeccar
Producer: Greeno
Publicist: Greeno
Director: Me!
Greeno: Guess…

Comment if you want to be in it!


12 Responses to "The adventures of Emilylondon"

I´ll be evil scientist! Whaddo i do?

When I post filming times and what characters need to be there you go
then you dress up as the evil scientist and I will post lines for what you say!
mean while ill be recording it!

I’ll be Puffle Caretaker!

i wanna be in it! but im not sure what those characters do…

The grocery shop worker is the person who gives me a poster about the evil scientist convention. And also gives me a dsicount! 😀
the maid works for teh evil scientist and is completely oblivious to the fact that the scientist is evil.
The producer is in charge of making things go well and providing sets.
The publicist is in charge of advertising the movie.
And the friend is the one who pretty much stalks the evil scientist for the main character ( me) and records everything.
Choose your part!

Whats a weird computer?

Can I be the grocery worker? I like helping people and I want to give you a discount. I have the perfect grocery worker costume! 😀

or I can be the friend

No i am good with the grocery worker


Ill Be maid… The CP Cinema will be Publicist….

I am also producer!

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