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Emilylondon’s Partay!!

Posted on: March 2, 2009

REPOSTED becuase my penguin got banned. But I emailed CP to tell them I wasn’t hacking and now life is good:

Hey everybody,

I am throwing a “friendship” party for minybuddie and greeno. Everyone who wants to go should wear green and black. Here’s the info:

Time: 9:30 AM PST

Date: Sunday march 8, 2009

Rsvp: Comment to RSVP

EXTRA: we are having a dance contest and we will meet at my igloo at the server matterhorn.

I’ll record it for a memory book for Greeno and Minybuddie!!!! 😀



30 Responses to "Emilylondon’s Partay!!"

Ill try to come
Emilylondon: Cool! See you there!

IM going to be there lol!
Emilylondon: Great thanks a ton!

I’ll be there because Greeno and Minybuddie are both awesome! Minybuddie and Dq made a video starring me and Greeno picked me to be the winner of 3rd place Contest 1. So I can’t wait to celebrate. I will wear green and black. 😀

My name is Bubbles62681
Emilylondon is happy now!: Okay sounds good.

I’ll try to come! 🙂

1 more hour till show time. 😀

Come on Emilylondon! Where are you?

your igloo is not on the map! 😦

Thanks Emilylondon! You didn’t have the party 😦
Oh. I forgot to tell you guys,
my penguin got banned for using third party programs. I got hacked!
FOR CCA: if your losing items its because someone is hacking you. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!!!!

Man! I can’t go to the next one. I have school duh! Weekends or in the afternoon are better than weekdays during school. 😦

unless it’s another snow day like today.

DANG! I doubt I’ll be able to come now! I’ll probably be at school! 😦
Emilylondon: isn’t PST the american time zone? ( or is it EST?)

Mateobeccar: PST is Pacific Standard Time which is actually the same as Penguin Standard Time


I´ll try to come!!!

Why not green and orange? (Orange is Minybuddies Color)

ooooooh i didnt know that okay green and orange people green and orang!!

Ok. Now I can make it and I will wear green and orange. I can’t wait. Remember people. I am a boy! lol 😀

That’s really nice of you! 😀 Nobody has ever thrown a party for me!

I’ll try to get there!

Come to my awesome 25,000 hits party! We are gonna have an awesome time! Here are the details:
Sunday March 8
Sleet Dock!

Hope to see you there!

I think it is really super sweet! Your the second person too ever throw me a party!

Mateobeccar: Hey greeno. Have u seen the penguin i drew for you? Do you like it? check a few posts down

I can’t come sorry…

Which room & server?

Open your igloo Emilylondon

Emilylondon open your igloo on the map please.

Come on! where r u?!

Emilylondon, where is the party?

You didn’t make it for the 2nd time! 😦

Another party you missed. 😦 thanks a lot

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