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Let’s End This!

Posted on: February 27, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Thanks to all the people who appologized. The truth is that I have evidence against Greenoiscool, and he probally has more evidence against me! SO LETS END THIS! I don’t give a s$@# about the title CPBN! Greenoiscool can have it!
All I want is to be friends 😦 . I was only going to tell Greenosicool some author rules at Penguin Island, but Dq231 doesn’t seem to like you, so he thought it would be better to fire you. Well, I didn’t know what to think so I want along with it. Then he reminded me about that CPBN thing that happened almost a year ago! So then we threw that in too!

Theres no way in words to describe how sorry I am 😦 . Also im amazed at how quickly people will take sides even without any evidence. I’ve always liked Greeno (As a friend). Dq231 doesn’t like you. I don’t know why. Anyway im glad this is over.

Until Next Time… Waddle On!

~Minybuddie 😉

Im sory minybuddie i have been a @$$ so let’s be friends?



Bruce: Minybuddie, that was really cool. You are awesome. 🙂


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