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Posted on: February 25, 2009

Hello Penguins! 


Tomorrow is the last day of the official puffle celebrations and we hope you had the chance to check out all the areas. There’s a different area dedicated to each color of puffle–we would love to hear what your favorite puffle room is! Also, if you haven’t tried yet, take each of your puffles into a few different rooms and pay close attention to the decorations! We hope you like what you see. 



Even though the decorations come down soon, you can still be creative and show your puffles how much you appreciate them! 


In Other News: I’ve heard some rumors about the sightings of a mysterious puffle… What have you heard? Let me know. 


Until then…Wadde on! 


-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on February 23 2009 08:19

Also, The white puffle has been pretty much confirmed. ANd Remeber that post when club penguin showed us the original puffles? Well the white puffle was on there. “The abobinable Snow Puffle” that was what they called it. I bet that they will release all the original sketches soon as real puffles.

Finally, Greeno, don’t stop posting, your blog is awesome and I’m sure tons of people think so too!

Minybuddie is just a paranoid loser, who is trying to pick off the competition starting at the best.



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