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Posted on: February 25, 2009

Hello Penguins!

After deep consideration, we do not believe that it is right to do this. As the co creator of Penguin Island, im sorry. Aslo, did you seriosuly think that you could all ‘take me down’? I mean come on! I have 740 subscribers! And from what Dalek said, this has nothing to do with speacail effects I don’t kow why he thought that. Also my website is protected by what’s called ‘Copyscape’. And I know that Greenoicool DOES NOT HAVE any copyright for this website. But that doesn’t matter.

We will allow you back in Penguin Island on 1 agreement.  I hold the title for CPBN. It doesn’t matter that you made a penguin along time ago. I made the FIRST online proof of that title. The agreement is that I hold the title for CPBN. Under the relations act 12 of Minybuddie Productions supported by CopyScape™ I can revoke Greenoiscool’s use for the title CPBN at ANY time. When I quit CP the title is then passed to him. Until then the title is Greenoiscool’s under my use. (This means he can use it if I approve. Which I do.)

For everyone else, I do not appreciate being called ‘Hissy’. Please do not make assumptions that you do not know. Alot of you did not know Greenoiscool when this whole thing happend almost 1 year ago. You do not know what actually happened.

If Greenoiscool does not approve this, there will be further dimplications to deal with, as he would be violating my website.


Emilylondon: What website?? Thats what you call a website? Wow i guess this really is a badd year for blogs.


7 Responses to "Back…"

*hopes that Greeno approves this*

ok…. I use copyscape too… But I hope you don’t all the sudden do this again…. You removed my banner awhile ago

Minybuddie who do you think you are?? Just to make it clear, your no CEO of a huge business with REAL copyrights or anything!

Minybuddie’s Reply: I know who I am. Also yes I do have copyrights. No one should EVER set up a website without copyrights. I have REAL copyrights. And as for the CEO thing, yes I am. CEO of Penguin Island Entertainment Inc.
Greeno: Truthfullt CP Could come and shut us down any minute now without giving a crap.

Mateobeccar: Alright, but I am still kinda angry with you. Still, YOUR VIDS ROCK!!!

I miss Party Month… 😦

Same.. waaa ( dont go back to PI greeno did u see how they treated u?

CEO of Penguin Island Entertainment Inc.?
and wait how old are you?
Because real CEOs go to business schools and don’t make stupid spelling mistakes.
They also make at least 12 million per day,

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