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Cpcheatsiteiscool Removed From PI

Posted on: February 24, 2009

Hello Penguins!

I am here to inform you that Cpcheatsiteiscool has been removed from Penguin Island community. There are many reasons for this. One of those is that Greenoiscool received help by another community instead of going straight to Penguin Island. This is NOT allowed. Another reason is that I worked extremely hard to make all those new pages with better graphics. By changing the website layout none of those match now. Im not prepared to go and change them to match this new theme. Greenosicool is now removed from PI. He can still be a part of our forum and website but as a regular member.

As for the CPBN™ (Club Penguin Broadcasting Network™), I did create that name and have proof that I created before Greenoiscool. I have FULL rights against his use. This means that he CANNOT use the name CPBN™. EVERYTHING on this website that resembles or says CPBN in any way must be removed. I intend to use that title and have copyrighted it for Minybuddie Productions. If Greenoicool does not remove all name of this within 5 days, it will be removed by Penguin Island staff. It doesn’t matter if Im not a author on his website I will remove it with force. All needs MUST be met.

As for the rest of the Cpcheatsiteiscool staff, Good bye and it was a pleasure working for all of you.


Admin Of Penguin Island

8 Responses to "Cpcheatsiteiscool Removed From PI"

OMG You told Greeno:
WOW! What a website!
2009 February 224 Comments
by minybuddiecp
Hello Greenoiscool, Penguins!

I just noticed this awesome theme! This website is awesome! But I aslo noticed that you use PeachDesign graphics. Keep in mind that if you use them again you will no longer be part of Penguin Island. We are perfectly capable of making stuff like this for you. If you wish to continue using that service you CANNOT be a a part of Penguin Island. We at Penguin Island are %100 original (except for CP stuff). We do not use other services. However because you are close friends of Minybuddie and Dq231, we will allow this, with one exception. You MUST tell us what this theme is, where you got it.

Until Next Time… Waddle On!

Minybuddie & Dq231

Penguin Island Administrators
Edit This

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(But if this is not about the headers and widgets nevermind sorry)

Greeno: He just lied . I have already used the name with copyrights so if he uses it I’ll have wordpress after him.

I used no other community. I was just supporting a friend. I changed back the theme and everything. Im sorry. 😦

😮 OH NO!! 😦 😦 😦 Greeno didnt do it! He’s innocent!!

* cough padeophile cough cough over protective cough cough NO LIFE scum cough cough minybuddie is just sad cause the only person he’ll ever kiss is his MOM!! cough cough*

Mateobeccar: LOL but yeah Minybuddie is being stupid.

you better leave my bro alone or ill do do bad things

amgrl98 whos brother are you?

Minybuddie, you’re being a jerk! 😡

Woah wat is this war?

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