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Puffle Party 2009

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Hey Penguins,

The club penguin puffle party is here, and it rocks!

Here are the cheats:

The free puffle bandana item is at the cove.

I already got it from an old Rockhopper catalog :(

Speaking of rockhopper, his ship can be seen through the telescope at the beacon.

The entrance to the puffle feeding area is at the snow forts.

Throw snowballs in the puffle feeding area and they will turn into puffle O’s.

At the lighthouse, stand on the platform and the puffle will paint a picture of you.

  • Here are some more cheats and secrets for the party:
  • At the cove, click the cannon to fire a red puffle and click the red puffle in the bottom right corner to make him smile.
  • A pink puffle is snorkeling on the right side of the ice berg
  • At the cave/pool click the red button on the wall to close the aquarium windows and make the fire puffles come out.
  • As with most club penguin parties there is a party new postcard and new party non chat messages

Here are the cheats and secrets for the new club penguin furniture catalog:

Click the Pinata for the secret aquarium item

Click the right now tower for the green birdhouse.

Click the velvet rope for the welcome mat.

Enjoy the party with your puffles!!!

~ Ojoc

I will be able too take my own pictures again soon.



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