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I made a poem! :D

Posted on: February 7, 2009

I made a poem.Its about hacking. EH-HEM!!

Hacking is bad,

It make me sad,

and when i hack,

it make my mom mad.

I hack mybrothers facebook,

and his myspace too.

But when i think abut it.

Thats not what I should do.

I should playClub Penguin,

Like a normal kid.

But when it comes to fun,

A price I shall bid.

Should i hack?

Or should I go back

to the anti-hacking society?

Ichoose two.

I thought it through

No more hacking for me.


😀 I know its pretty dumb and I DONT HACK AND I NEVER WILL. I hate hacking. This is just to giveoff a friendly mssege.:D Comment if you like it!                                                                                    ~Mechelle99


5 Responses to "I made a poem! :D"

Comment if you like it!

Awesome great message

Great poem! 😉 And thanks for the help of the Xat Chats.

~ |Globalsavior|

What xat chats? Wht are you talking about? havnt been on xat in like a jillion years. Ok a month.

kewl poem

and i think global/garden is talking about Greeno bc he helped him set up a chat

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