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Newsletters! Episode 3 of PengTube! And More!

Posted on: February 3, 2009

Hello everyone!

Bruce here!

A lot of things have been happening with Blaze Productionz, like PengTube episode 3! It will be out soon. Also, I have decided to create a monthly Blaze Productionz newsletter. If you want to sign up, just comment your e-mail address and I will sign you up! I will be making a page where you can sign up for it. You can comment here, or better, comment on the new page. I’ll get to work on that now.

Also, Greeno, do you still want me to make a video about you? Anyways, I agree with Greeno about our site views. What’s happening guys? You can do better than that! Another Thing Greeno, What drawing program do you use on your computer? I’m pretty sure you have a Mac.

In other news,

A Beta Penguin



Here he is, his name is Coco!



6 Responses to "Newsletters! Episode 3 of PengTube! And More!"

A BETA PENGUIN! REALLY? I can’t believe it. I have so many questions to ask him since he has been on clubpenguin even before it officially started!

Ive seen like three in the past day! Ohh yeah and…

Here are the programs I use on Mac:
Here is what I use on a windows XP:
Adobe photoshop CS2
arcsoft photo impression

The video would be very nice of you!

i see Coco everyday but still AWSOME!!


Hey thx for adding me Bruce!

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