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Posted on: February 3, 2009

Listen peeps, i have a  name of being mean, so this my sound cruel, but who can help me ruin someones life? Ok not there whole life, but you know. Make them miserable for awhile until they say sorry,Thx!


P.s. lol this post wasnt just about that, here:

Hi People! Hows are ya? So , who thinks that the new book is cool!? I dont know yet:( The books not showing up for me. So, who thinks the puflle thingy thats comin up is cool? I DO!!! Both of my puffys ran away. Also i thought i would take thi time to telll you about me!

Penguin name:Mechelle99

Real name: Thats for me to know and you to find out!:D


Puffs: None, but im gonna get a purple one and im gonna name it Grapey. 🙂

Fav color:  Midnight Blue

Fav game: Club Pengy!

Fav Mini game on CP: Puffle Round up

People i know in real life on CP: Sydni(shes an idiot), Miss Mac03, Syd Sister(Syds Brother Gf.).

Extras: Um…………………………………………………i hate my cousin Sydni…………Not many other things. Ill put some one l8tr if i remeber some.



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