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Captan Hop

Posted on: January 30, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Here’s a bit of information about Captan Hop!

Penguin Name:Captan Hop

Penguin Age:677

People I know who in real life who play Club Penguin: Big ol Blue5, Bottem Boy5, Misty987, Lilsponge, Lilsponge1(2 diffrent people).

Penguin’s Birthday: April, 2007

Real Birthday: November 1996

Hobbies: Making Cp videos, playing outside, chasing my dog, playing hockey, using my blue screen,…

Favorite Food: Well I do like Wendy’s! I also like chicken wings!

Favorite Animal: I like Penguins.

Favorite Game: Club Penguin

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Color: Pink! (I am not a girl)

Favorite Sport to play: Hockey and volleyball

Favorite Sport to watch: Hockey and Football. Well, that’s all you snow about me now!

~Captan Hop

Until Next Time…

Waddle on!


1 Response to "Captan Hop"

i like to play all sports! im a year older thank u. i like all sports though the same, but hockey is one of my favourites and i also play roller and ice hockey! we should play sometime! lolz. chicken wings and wendys is cool! i love pengins and winter. i cant believe u like hockey! it’s so rare to see a fan of hockey! i love hockey!!! woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go HOCKEY PLAYERS!

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