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This is why i quit club penguin

Posted on: January 28, 2009

The reason i quit club penguin is this is like a story

when i first joined club penguin my dream was to become famous ever since i had that dreem i wish i never had it because ever since i had it i was trying to get famous i forgot what club penguin is all about haveing partys and all of that so if i was you never try to become famous well if you want to but it make you quit i spent so much time doing all that crap all for nothing it got me no where in life just play club penguin have fun dont make the same mistake that i did greeno dont quit your blog but just remember one day you will grow up and forget club penguin but you maky still have a few more months of cp but im 12 im sorry i would like to thank every one who help me to get this far im not going to delete my youtube acount im going to make a new one well cya all guys for the last post on this blog as dalek485 im going to make a new acount called Cod5_Glitched_Up im into cod 5 who has got a ps3 and online add me my name is dalek485 well cya guy i will miss you all for a going away present please donate a credit to me please  (to get me back on my feet )just one thank you



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