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Posted on: January 26, 2009

Hey Superbowl Fans!

Party time!!!

Date: Saturday January 31st!

Time: 12:00 pst 1:00 mst 2:00 cst 3:00 est

Server: Matterhorn

Where: Dock


~Cca~Please Come!!

P.S. Wear red and white!

P.P.S. Look down for new posts


12 Responses to "SUPERBOWL XLlll PARTY!!"

Ill Be There! I posted it on Penguin Island

Cool Thx

WoOoOoOoOoOo go cardinals!!!!!

go steelers

I prefer Football (as in soccer)

I wish I could join Penguin Island 😦 (Why does it does it want all my info???)
Hey! its me greeno. Here is a sample of what to put!
Username : * CCA
E-mail address : *
Password : *Pie

Location : * Matterhorn
Gender : * Girl
Birthday :* 1990

😦 P 😦 E 😦 N 😦 G 😦 U 😦 I 😦 N 😦 😦 I 😦 S 😦 L 😦 A 😦 N 😦 D 😦

GO STEALORS!!!!!!!!!

i cant lie or i will be grounded also my parents already said no 😐
Greeno: Ohh well, Its not that big of a thing It is pretty boring too tell you the truth. BTW I need to tell you something…

ok my wrist is bandaged so its hard to type…


Yay!!! Go Cardnials!!! THEY ROCK! :D:D:D:D:D:D

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