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CP Video Emmy Awards!

Posted on: January 21, 2009

Hello Penguins!

The Emmy Awards make a comeback! But this time better than ever!!!! 😀 This time all of my talking will be recorded seperatly (Without a audiance). There will then be a separte recording for audiance and winners. I am only doing this because of the last Awards where people thought it was okay to be on the stage.

So the rules are simple but strict.

  1. No bad words in videos
  2. Does not have to be CP related. You can actually win the Emmies by making a video of yourself!
  3. Have Fun!

You MUST submit videos through YouTube. The Emmy Awards account link is on the Emmy Awards page, so are the guide lines.


Date: Sunday Januaray 25th/09

Time: 5:00 PM Penguin Time

Server: Sourthern Lights

Where: Minybuddie’s Igloo

The Stage And Set:

Here is a picture of the Set:


There are 52 seats. DO NOT just fill up the front row. 1 penguin per seat. NO FIGHTING over seats. Please spread yourselfs out, there is lots of room to sit! You don’t all have to sit in a clump.

DO NOT THROW SNOWBALLS! This is not a war there is no point to be doing that.

Punishments WILL be harsh.

Until Next Time… Get Those Videos In!



4 Responses to "CP Video Emmy Awards!"

That sounds soo cool! I luv your blog and the header! =D

can i submit a video? if i can here it is:

I wish my movie would be ready in time. Its probly gonna be another month though.

I cant go 😦 Sunday is My Friends B-day party! and my Mom’s B-day!

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