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I am a new author!! :)

Posted on: January 18, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!

I am Bruce 1197 (a.k.a. nickbounds from YouTube) and I am the newest author of CPBN!!

I want to thank Greeno for giving me this opportunity. I think I will do an excellent job and I have a lot of confidence.  You can check out my site, here. Greeno is also an admin on MY site, so be sure to say “hi” to him next time you go there. Here’s a quick bio of me.

I am a member of Club Penguin, and I am (as of 1-18-09) 806 days old. I could probably call myself a LITTLE bit rare. Here I am:


I will continue to post and once again,

THANKS Greeno!



2 Responses to "I am a new author!! :)"

oh yeah, greeno!

feel free to experiment different themes and widgets with my site!

– Bruce

Ohh it was no Prblem!

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