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Winners Of The Blogging Contest!

Posted on: January 16, 2009


The Prizes!

Bubba1960!1st: Admin on my site, Blogroll,FOREVER,My buddy on cp,and YOUR BLOG ADVERTISED IN A COMMENT ON EVERY POST ON THIS SITE FOR A WEEK!

Shyshy6510!2nd: Editor on my site, Blogroll FOR 2 months!, My Buddy on CP, and your website included in a post.

JPSUR!3rd: Author on my site,Blogroll for 1 month, My buddy on cp.

Please email me to claim your prizes! BTW!

If you cant read that:

Everyones a winner Party!

Wen: January 16th 4PM PST!


I will add everyone who comes!




12 Responses to "Winners Of The Blogging Contest!"

Oh man i didnt win! 😦 at least i am on your blogroll.


umm i cant make it to the party……… sry. but maybe you could combine it with my party?

Sorry I couldn’t judge. I was really busy Wednesday and Thursday.

Sorry , ID wanna be an editor.I usually don’t post on sites I work on anyways.

Also you could be an admin on my new site , if it wasn’t a piece of crappola!I have pictures , but I don’t know how to get a URL for them from paint.It is making me frustrated and I need to enter this picture into a contest , but I have no URL for it and I don’t know how to get an URL for it.

shyshy has everything but one thing on here! lol!

i know all i want is a graphic site.get on gmail or make a gmail so i can chat with you , it would be a lot easier.


BUT , you didn’t help me like you were ‘going’ too.You avoided the whole thing by asking me POP question and asking me what was i doing today , as if that mattered…

sry i cant come………………..

ohh, i was about to enter when u commented on my site, oh well…

my penguin name is staceycutie9 so add me at the party today!

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