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Posted on: January 14, 2009


            Well I hate to say this but, people who said yes and no are wrong. This is related to the last two posts I have made on the blog. Lately people in Club Penguin have been complaining that people have not been fair. And that the fact the people claim to be famous and show-off. It was known to be offensive to other people. If you see this in Club Penguin once, don’t think you’ll never see it again. This will come back like a virus. So going back to yes and no being wrong, this is like going from 0 to infinity at a flash. How does it work? Well lets find out.

            No – No, Disney is not ruining Club Penguin. Everybody’s wrong about them. Disney helped make disney better.

            Yes –  Yes, Disney is ruining Club Penguin. My computer has been going slow lately. And ever since Disney came in, Club Penguin has been falling apart lately. Club Penguin has been way better off without Disney. Down with Disney!

            How are they wrong? – Well no is wrong, cause I gotta admit it to yes, that Club Penguin is falling apart a little bit. Now I’m not saying they are right though. But still Disney is a good website.

            Yes is also wrong. Obviously you guys think Disney is ruining Club Penguin, um wrong… again. Disney just recently bought Club Penguin. And you guys know they are still fixing Club Penguin. It’s not even nice to protest like that. Especially since you got new people going to Club Penguin. It doesn’t seem right. Club Penguin could loose their viewers. So right now you might think that Club Penguin is horrible due to some glitches, but you’ll never know there might be a secret plan to change Club Penguin to a better society. I assure you in the future it will be different.

            So yeah, there’s was a slight 50% chance that either yes or no could be right. But it’s like equal powered. They can not get passed each other. Yes almost one but still. It’s in possible to get one of them right. Because for example let’s try 4 quarters making a dollar. Not one could make it passed each other going up and down 50 cents. Cause some already made the mistake by going to 25 cents, while the other goes to 75 cents. It’s like going across each other.

I didnt have too put the link but i felt like it. 🙂




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