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Posted on: January 9, 2009

Grrr… Penguins!

IM LEAVING! Im sick of Greenoiscool!!! I go to trouble of staying up for 2 hours passed my bed time and get *** from my mom and get grounded for a day just to make Greenoiscool a cool website. And what does he do?!?! HE GOES BACK TO *** FRESHY THEME AND MAKE A CRAPPY BANNER! He thinks his graphics are really cool, but they suck. He doesn’t know how to even use any program great.

Bottom line: I quit CPBN, cause Greenoiscool thinks that he makes great stuff and just throws my stuff out.

There won’t be a next time… Waddle Off


Greenoiscool: I CHANGED THE THEME CAUSE I ALREADY HAD A BANNER MADE FOR ME! SO Im sorry. I will change the theme back when i dont have to LEAVE FOR CO-OP BTW You WERE my rolemodel…


2 Responses to "NO MORE HELP FROM ME!"

Dude….What the heck?? What ever he changed it!! Maybe you need to stop!! His stuff is great! His banner is not crappy and his theme is not ***!! Maybe you need to take a break.. but Minybuddie ur actin mad all the time!!!! I mean that all in no way. Just sayin 😡
Greenoiscool: Thanks.

i didnt make the banenr BTW my friend made it for me.

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