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Funny Pictures Page Created and … (Sticky Post)

Posted on: January 7, 2009

Hello Penguins!

I hope you are enjoying the funny Pictures page. It will take lots of time to make more so be patient!


For the First Time EVER in CPBN History a Super Duper Contest Called…

The Rules:

  • (Check The Rules Page)

The Prizes:

  • First Prize Winner Gets a Free Penguin , Blogroll Forever, Be my buddy ,and Admin for 5 Months!
  • Second Prize Winner Gets Blogroll Forever, Be my buddy, and Admin for 3 Months!
  • Third Prize Winner Gets Blogroll Forever, Free Penguin,
  • Everyone gets Buddy List add and Blogroll for at Least 12 Months!

Just Comment a link to your Picture on this post

Until Next Time Waddle on!



6 Responses to "Funny Pictures Page Created and … (Sticky Post)"

Heres a funny clasic problably not going to win anything

i used my friends penguin to make this 😀

Lol its funny! What is its name? I would name it Owned!

here is my funny picture

It is Ha Ha Halarious

LOL That Is So Funny!

hey come try to buy one of the many cool penguins i am selling on my site cheak it out

This contest is closed till further notice 😐

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