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Posted on: January 5, 2009

Hello Penguins!

My hits have gone down… WAY down.


So what do you think I should do? Im stumped.  I havent had but two comments since I made the Happy New Years Post! Latley Ive  visited sites with over 100,000 hits that I havent even heard of before. Fakes I suppose.

Please help! I will add everyone who helps me with this problem to blogroll or my site. Im desperate as you can tell. lol



2 Responses to "HUGE SITE UPDATES!"

green im making a new site called club penguin club cheats do you want to join that site itis a blogger site this is my project i was talking about its got a lot of work to do to it so do you want to join and stuff mabe i could sponser you or something email me and to help with mor hits have a member ship contest or make a adevrtising video with lots of cool efects and put it on youtube and could you ask minybuddie if he could make me a banner of club penguin club cheats i hope this has helped

i scraped that blog it is rubbish so i made another wordpress

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