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I quit

Posted on: December 31, 2008

sry guys but i gess im getting a littel to old for cp  it has been a honor to work with cpbn i remember the first day i joined it was greeat and in my time with cp i have made lot of wicked new friends  im giving my penguin to my brother he is only 4 lol  my ps3 has taken my mind of cp with zombie mode on call of duty world at war green i please ask of you to not kick me off the site because some day i may come back soon i will make a new youtube a put vids about the ps3 lol well my come back will b big but for n0w good bye



2 Responses to "I quit"

😦 Im not to old and im erm(1_2)

yeah i know but im getting a bit bord of it and im going to come back in a month i told u im going to keep a eye out on the blong

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