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Posted on: December 22, 2008

Hey pengs! So I’ve made up a date and time for Christmas/Caroling/Party!!!!! Here it is!!!

Date: Tuesday the 23

Time: 12:00 pst

Server: Matterhorn

Backup Server: Ice Cold

Place: Dock

or if you cant make it to that one

Date: Friday the 26

Time: 12:00 pst

Server: Matterhorn

Backup Server: Ice Cold

Place: Dock

Hope to cya there ~Cca~


9 Responses to "PARTY!!!!!!!"

hi Greenoiscool
I know you don’t really know me but i worked on shyshy’s site. I made most of the post, but she kicked me off. she is not doing anything to it now! anyway ill get to my point. i need you to post for me on my site while im going away tommarrow. im sry this is last minute but oreo didn’t answer me and i can’t ask shyshy. so I’ll put you down as an editor. You will be there untill I get back (no idea when). Thanks!

can u add me to the blogroll since i am an author.

I can’t put you back on my blogroll! You don’t meet the requirements.

Hey! How do you get that image at the URL? I really want one! Please tell me.

Dear ,

I’m here to wish you a safe and happy holidays. Rememer, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Merry Christmas! Here’s a small poem:

It is Christmas Time
A time of joy, peace, and happiness
A time for us to all gather
To celebrate much we rather
May you always be protected
Though it might not be exactly as you expected
But with your family, you’re reconnected.

🙂 Gardenax 🙂

Please pass this message down, you don’t have to give me credit for it. You can just put your own name on the closing.

Umm let me email it too you because HTML wont work in these comments

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