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Orngyee-President of Server Icicle

Posted on: December 13, 2008

Hello penguins. I have decided to run for president! (Not president of a county) but president of Server Icicle! If I become president I will have to elect a vice president! Vote below on who my V.P. should be.

I have elected 5 candidates to be my Vice President. YOU choose who it should be.

Vote for me and my vice president on cp election day!



7 Responses to "Orngyee-President of Server Icicle"

Hey Greenoiscool I saw a commet on my blog that you would like to work at my site. Post another commet if you still do I will most likly add you.

Contest at my site for
-blogroll until Christmas
-admin for 2 and a half months
-chance to meet me

Cool ‘site

what e mail should i add you under

I AM SO SORRY GREENOISCOOL/AXCOOLKENNY03 , ID DINT MEAN I AM FORCED LIKE THAT! i meant it in a funny way like ‘ha’ ‘ha’ I’m forced.I AM SO SORRY IF YOU TOOK IT THE WRONG WAY.also it is now 3 and a half months for the contest and , i would like to have you back =-)

Yes you can what E-Mail do you want me to add you under. Just E-Mail what E-Mail at this address so people don’t see your E-Mail. Lol I said E-Mail a lot. Ok then I will E-Mail you back with the rules of working at my site.

lol , i didnt mean what i said again.By i would like to have ypu back meant I would like to have you back if you won my contest or got in some other way.I didn’t mean I would just add you back , sorry if you misunderstood again.

-please remove me from site-


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