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Posted on: December 12, 2008

Hello, Everyone.

As I am an administrator of CP Video Lounge. I will see if I can make a big difference around here. Information about me, is that I manage 7 blogs approximately. It’s a whole lot but I don’t tamper with a few other blogs, though.

What can I do to help this website make a change?

* A few pages can be removed, not to be saying DELETING. What I mean, is to, make the page unpublished, so that you won’t spoil your creative work and wasting your time.

* Remove a few widgets that are irrelevant. Try keeping a copy of the HTML codes on Notepad or WordPad as a back-up or restoration in case you don’t like your changes or you need a back-up in case it gets hacked or whatnot..

* Use correct capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Using too many CAPS, can make a website look yelly-ish. In which, everyone yells using CAPS. Not really a good source of keeping your blog hits going up. Use correct capitalization, grammar, and punctuation, because it will be unreadable if it looks so lower case that you cannot tell what is important and what isn’t in your post.

Those words were displayed on the CP Video Lounge website. As, I did hear Minybuddie has left the CPBN and CP Video Lounge website. Starting tomorrow, I will start taking things out and make this website better than it was. I am also good with graphics, but I hope I DO NOT have to deal with what Minybuddie has dealt with.

Waddle on!

~ Your new Admin, Tgpcds 😉

3 Responses to "CPBN’s New Admin"

You wont. I am going to just be quiet from now on. I really am tryimg to improove my CP Habits. I dont know if he has officcially quit yet..

Just do me one Favor Thats all I ask… Dont change the theme.

You can change the widgets though! 🙂 I just like this theme! lol.

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