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I am Leaving Greenoiscool For Good…

Posted on: December 11, 2008

Bye Penguins!

I’ve had it with Greenoiscool, he thinks hes the best and he really things him and his not famous friends are famous. He likes his crappy graphics that he thinks are the best. Every time Club Penguin CHEATS! comes out with something cool, He has to go and copy it!!! :X We had that comment contest, he made one after us. We are making a eBook and now hes asking if he can make one too. You will never, EVER get famous if you just copyt people. You must get out of this box that you’ve trapped yourself in by thinking your great. I never once up until a couple of weeks even considered myself famous. But my fans said I was. Your not famous until a large group says you are. You have alot to learn Greenoiscool and I think your a noob. Not a bad noob but a nice noob, but still a noob.

PS: Your website will be close to nothing if I leave because I advertised it and got people to come.

PPS: If we didn’t have that big argument when I was opening my website there is no way I would have let you join. Because all of your videos are crap, except for now, there coming along much better now! 🙂

Good-Bye Greenoiscool!

I just don’t think we work together, Cya!



1 Response to "I am Leaving Greenoiscool For Good…"

sorry to say but the dude practically mgith as well ripped out all your head , pull out your bellyring (if you have one) , and cuss you mout , because thats what dude just did.

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