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A New Type of CPBN

Posted on: December 11, 2008

Hello Penguins,

Do to The Current Status of the CPBN, noob, I have deiced to Upgrade The Site. Please Comment what you would like to see more of around the site. I will Definatley look into everthing you post.

Thats all.  😐



3 Responses to "A New Type of CPBN"

This is Jorga151 from
i want to know if you want to sign up or not…
please comment back on MY WEBSITE!!
Thanks for vistiting my site! Your site is cool! I actually play clubpenguin in my free time when i am not working on my website or doing homwork or doing things at my house lol!
ok well thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (cool decorations) (i like the header)

If you mean noob as yourself, Then your right 😀 . Notice that nobody has commented because your websites crap anyway.

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