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Hey Guys!

Posted on: November 17, 2008

Bored? Tired? Are all of The Videos On CP Stinky? Well Visit The Club penguin Video Lounge! There you Can…

Sign Up To Put your Videos There
Watch some of The Best Club Penguin Entertainment
and More!!!

So Visit The Club Penguin Video Lounge Today!

Ad By Greenoiscool

For Clubpenguinsmash


7 Responses to "Hey Guys!"

lol hi thx for the comment 🙂

omggg i went to the site and saw the awsome banner and,,,,,,,,,,,did u make that?? did u use a site??? bannermaker? idk i just guessed that random name. lol

Greenoiscool: Yes I did make it! I used Adobe Photoshop and Arcsoft Photoimpression!

ooh i found the site woot woot!! (woots copied by mimos awsome word)

greeno umm did u buy the program??

hey which one actullay TAKES the photos? does it crop it? sorry im asking so many questions its just that i wanna be the best i could be!!!!! so sorry greeno!!!!

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