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Posted on: November 14, 2008

Yo, yo, yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey there!!!!!!! Im Pixiedustdog, a, no, THE new admistrater, or however you spell it, on this 100% AWSOME SITE!!!!!!!!! Just a little info on me, I once, not long ago, broke my finger and wasnt able to do much. But now Im better and Im CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IM VERY OBCESSED WITH PIE!!!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Its true, I am going to marry pie and belive in Pieotopia. I am. *nods head*  Well, some more about me is that I used to have a website that Greeno (what I call greenoiscool or axcoolkenny) worked on. I kinda took advantage of him and he did almost all the work. But I regreat that time deeply and I want to say Im sorry. I just wanna say that IM A GIRL!!!!!!!! Sorry its just everyone always thinks Im a boy since of the way I act. I think Im funny!!! Woo!!!! Ok, so I LUV PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



4 Responses to "Yo!!!!!!!!!!"

Hey Remember My siter Sherbert? SHE HAS HER OWN SITE NOW! Look on The Blogroll and click friedajane98’s CP Cheats!

reallly?? ill go check it out!!!!

PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

its true…… I WILL MARRY PIE!!!!!!!! IF U WANT TO…. BACK OFF!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!

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