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guys guys guys

Posted on: November 4, 2008

OK dalek485 is making a new start OK there will be a video soon about on wed Nigth can’t make it now because I’m down my dad’s hes got a huge TV lol i like TV any back on to club penguin about the new start thing yes dalek485 will be deleting all he video accept the dooms day trailer and the club penguin dalek tv  and sorry axcool i haven’t been posting that much because with the club penguin dooms day im trying to put it on youtube as soon a posibal it is going to be out in about 3 weeks it needs a lot of work i have noly made the fist 1 second lol.


ok about the ninjas i cant wait and who had a good half turm i did i made a coke bom but it did not work out that good so im going to make another one on saterday and there is this awsome shop just open it sells 3 liter bottels of coke for £0.99p i know its awsome well i have talked my self out lol so just comment every comment you make you get good luck and so dose the hole team and the blog





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Nice Spelling dude Nice….

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