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Check Out The New Banner and Halloween Page + Comment Contest!

Posted on: October 2, 2008

Update: Look at the Page’s Thing To your left and look at the new pages!




Like The Banner? I Hope So Because it took me 2 or three hours! lol.Check out the New Halloween Festival 2008 Page To Work On Our First Contest!

Also since I didnt Really Celebrate 6000 hits…

Comment Contest Time!


No Bad Words

1 ad ONLY No others.


1st Place: Admin For 1 Month and Blogroll Forever. For Something else 1 Penguin and my buddy on CP.

2nd Place: Admin For 2 Weeks Blogroll For 1 Month a Penguin

3rd Place: a Penguin


8 Responses to "Check Out The New Banner and Halloween Page + Comment Contest!"

u dont make a banner 4 shyshys site u dumbo

i can make one myself

you need 25,000 hits to be on my blogroll.


ill make a deal. u dont even have ur own blog roll requirements. neither do i. BUT my site is becoming one of the hottest veiwed site. we are getting more than 100 hits a day.thats just the beginning. Also i will add u to the top of ojocs ultimate links. in return plz add me to ur blog roll

add my site to ur blog roll (click my name) and ill addd u to the top of ojocs ultimate links (i work at his site) and to my site

Ultimate Link? No Way Jose! You Didnt Even pass Me So You Will Need Over 25,000 Hits To Be on My Blogroll 😉


ive added u now will u come to my party tommorowdetails are on my website its

nvm u can remove me from ur blog roll. i asked u to do it but u didnt and u should of done it before

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