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dooms day is on its way

Posted on: September 12, 2008

hi guys as you know now im the only penguin making dooms day in club penguin so this is just to tell you i have started to make it wooo hooo so this is all i can tell you is that my penguin dies at the end well cya


5 Responses to "dooms day is on its way"

hey, green, I’m catching u up on my hits, I now have 100 hits less than u, I used to have 1000 less! 😉


Nice site!

Click on my name and put your blog to my Ultimate Links!

Have fun!


I now have more have 20 more hits than you!

now I’ve gotta catch shyshy up!!!

shyshy6510:lol that might take you a while i mean i started in april 21st which was a long time back

Yeah, I started in may!

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