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hello guys

Posted on: September 2, 2008

yo guys as you may know im new here so thanks for putting me on your blog and this is my video trailer for club penguin dooms day (i think i am allowed to do this lol) well thanks and cya!#



9 Responses to "hello guys"

green i never ment to copy you just that my vierws wanted me to do it so dont be mad at me!!!!!!!!! god dude i never ever copyed you just this once cuz they wanted me too!!!!!

dear axcoolkenny03
you are currently in the lead on my commenting contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

defiend your crown



thanks man i took a while to make the satge thing to say a diffrent thing but it was worth it

thanks well you gota see the move when it comes out this is just a taster of what i can do lol

Umm by the way the only editor rules is dont change posts/pages or advertise in posts.

can i make a page?

am i allowed to add stuff to pages?

you my make a page you can add videos music pics etc to media page.

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