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New Website Banner

Posted on: August 28, 2008

I made a very cool banner for Greenoiscool. I hope he likes it!

6 Responses to "New Website Banner"

my header is cool i made it my self

yea cool banner,anyways axcoolkenny03 about when you where in my igloo and we were talking and i asked you if you liked me,you immediately said that you had to go,did you? you told me the day we got in an arguement that imamod was fake,and you said imamod liked me,and if you were imamod then you like me,and you also said that you like me on cp when the arguement got worst,all i want you to do is answer that simple question

do you like me?

i mean if you do we can be temp. girlfriend and boyfriend on cp and since your not a member ,I will make you a room in my igloo which you can visit whenever,but you’ll have to comment on my site saying you want things moved around so forth so on,and if we get better friends I’ll add you back as admin,just answer the ?,but like if you have a pic of you (not the one with all the scribbles) plz show me,you know what i look like but I have no idea what you do?

:sorry if you didn’t want anybody to read this but oh well

:mrgreen: like ya if ya like me

also I am getting a new pic soon because my mom is doing my hair really cite this weekend and she is gonna take a pic of it,and hey who knows,maybe i might post it on my site?

u gonna answer my ? or what

dont answer it idc cuz i dont like you anyways and my igloo is so cool now and you coudve gotten a room if you did oh well your loss

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