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Posted on: August 26, 2008

Fever Might Go!!!!!

 😥  😥 

yes people it is true we might say our final farewells to him because clubpenguin has found his site and are saying if he doesn’t delete his cheats and glitches and even secrets then they will PERMANATLY BAN FEVER!
they already banned watex what do we have to do to tell them to keep our beloved Fever!
Here is what they,and he have to say.


I got a pretty nasty email from Club Penguin a few moments ago (view here), and it basically asks me to delete all my Cheats & Glitches (over 100 I have accumulated over time) or my penguin, Fever, will be banned. So I got rid of them. So say a final farewell to all cheats and glitches! Good times. Also, I got a similar letter from WordPress. View here. Judging from the emails, they are really CP and WordPress.


Update: There have been a lot of comments about whether I will still be posting new things or not. I think CP means only deleting the Cheats and Glitches that you can actually use in the game (like walking on pathways). So things like where the pin is isn’t really considered a Cheat or Glitch in the actual game. However, I’m going to talk to them about it just to make sure. And I’m currently trying to confirm if the emails are real or not.


yes he is right good times,good times


(click for pic)

plz don’t go

in other news the penguin games end tomorrow
my chat visit!


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