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Posted on: August 22, 2008

Go Blue Team!



Face Paint is Back!

Go to the coffee shop for the red face paint!
(that is where all the team red people hang out they were yelling at me to scram because I’m blue!)
(also take great value of both of these picture they took forever to take because people wouldn’t move!) 


Here is Blue Face Paint
At the Pizza Parlor!

 (that took forever to take!)


Now the Penguin Games
click on the medal  in the upper right hand corner to see the games

 the first race is 

To start that,wait behind the starting line until the countdown says GO and go to every light and stop

until the countdown says GO

but in order for the countdown to say go,you must go to the first light

but remember

and just follow the track!

the race ends at the cove

hope you win!

remember you must hit All Of The Lights!If you don’t then toy will have to go back and find the ones you missed


Next  race is!

The next race is practically the same idea,but you have to go around all it all 3 and remember stop at all the lights!

To start the race go to the black and white lines 

every time you do a lap you must wait at those lines until it changes the lap sign!

I’m Done

Good Luck!


Next Race is

Well All you have to do is run back and forth mainly in the pool
You start at the black and white starting line and then these arrows will tell you which way to go

stop at the lights usually 


when you hit lap

your a winner

now claim your prize

superly duperly awesome!


i will not be here from 2:45 pm  today until 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm tomorrow saturday.

Also if you go to the snow forts go towards the soccer field if your a member


(also greeno you notice how puppup put’s his site in all his posts)


1 Response to "Penguin Games!"

I saw that… why does he keep doing that? where are you going?

shyshy6510:i know i deleted it everytime he did that stuff on my site , he practically is on your site just for the advertsiment

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