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Hey guys this is my last post till the 8th after the 8th post last post till 23

Posted on: August 1, 2008

Here is my new web name. CPBN Club penguin Broadcasting Network. It is my new club penguin Tv station channel 47. I am making a page for it changing the theme and changing the title till August 23rd.


11 Responses to "Hey guys this is my last post till the 8th after the 8th post last post till 23"

I made the header with Microsoft Publisher and got clipart off of Microsoft clip art. I give them clipart credit.

hey help me with my screenshot problem please.i know how to take screenshots on my iMac but i don’t know how to upload em’ to the web

Ok your lucky I have internet today! lol. So what do you need help with?

1.Press write a new post.
2. At the top around where you name your post press add media.
3. Press the button that looks like a picture.
Press choose files to upload.
4. If you put it on photobucket just get the direct link and put it in the link url box
5.If you are using photobucket and this dosent work Just use the HTML code and paste that on HTML.

Hope this helps!

thank you,your a computer saver!

did you change my header on my site,you so need to change it back,not to be mean or anything but that header is ugly and i liked my other one

Umm no i didnt i dont know who did but i think i need to make a new one because i think i deleted the old one.

please make a new one then 😆 i wonder how that pic got there then?

also what about the credits? green i finally got a chat yay u need to be on youtube

on your dashboard press on upgrades and you need credits to buy those upgrades. Ok juanuaci!

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