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My new favorite server!

Posted on: July 16, 2008

My favorite server Big Foot Is full now andit is at the top of the server list! So My new Favorite is Snowy River! Our Meeting rooms are The Iceberg,The Pizza Parlor,and The Hockey arena!!!!
This Tracker is ussally right but at times it will be wrong. It is usually wrong when i am offline.


8 Responses to "My new favorite server!"

y did u8 delete me as a contributer? 😦

Greenoiscool: Because you never made any posts.

fever is at the flippers dock and he added me!!!!

Greenoiscool:Cool For You!

yes but contributers aren’t supposed to make posts!
Greenoiscool:What are the supposed to do?

ok so im sitll not done with the video can u mmeet me in a server flippers

What video? Meet me on server snowy river.

I am Greenoiscool

dont ask me wot there supposed to do, cuz idk!, well acually i think they r suppose to edit posts , but i’ve got nothing to edit!

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