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Undergoing construction.

Posted on: July 4, 2008

You know the password box for your club penguin penguins. Well we are now building a comoletely new version of it The Cp Trade Password Box! It is where you can sell a password buy a pasword and all that stuff all you have to do is comment on your it and say what you wanna do. You will have your own commenting pages and everything! The deal is that you trade your penguins password for another Here is the price list for current ideas. I Will show you a pic of it July 7th When it is getting close to being done


2 nonmembers=expired member

5 nonmembers= 1 member that expires in 2 weeks

10 nonmembers= 1 month member

Rare penguin= talk to greenoiscool first.

Beta Penguin= Greenoiscool  Pass for 1 year and anyone else who wants it has to give me a one year member.

Or make your own prices! Thats Just a example. Comment your wordpress name and what you want your page to say and consider it done! I am thinking of naming it Pengbay! any suggestions on the name? Comment those to! Please make sure it is not already taken. If you are the winning name you can be an editor on my site for a month.

4 Responses to "Undergoing construction."

I think were sticking with pengbay. It seems cool.

maybe maybe not!

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